Little bit about us

Who we are and what we want

At your service – Compaz studio specialists. These are web developers, designers, copywriters and website promotion specialists, as well as professionals in the field of SMM and contextual advertising.

Each project is a separate chapter in our rich history, in which all professionalism, experience and knowledge have been invested. Each new site, which we create, it is another one invaluable experience, extraordinary solutions and complete immersion in the project. Because of this all we create sites for you with an individual design and promotion plan, bright, effective and attracting visitors.

The goal of Compaz studio is to change your business for the better, give it a new impetus for development and more potential customers.

Through the site you can take your business to the next level.Check out our section «Portfolio» – there are presented our best works.

We are






What do you get works with us

Professional approach and attention to the project until complete. Reliable and modern ways to implement your ideas in the Internet business.

The most optimal version of the project for your budget. Free debugging for any crashes ..And of course, each of our clients receives one or another surprise for you project.

Free training on working with the site – for each project is done individually.

The best statistics for us is the fact that most of our customers, after development, continue work with us, this is very important for us, because humanity and a good attitude are the most important things that should be present in any work.

High quality

A lot of work is put into each project, because quality is above all for us.

Flexible prices

Regardless of your goals and budget, you will receive a convenient, attractive site.

Тech support

If you wish, you can get the services of a specialist to update and maintain the site.