Domain and hosting

We do not just make sites for you, we provide a place to post it on the server of a suitable country

The service is popular, because most of our clients conveniently when we take care of the site, we reminded about prolongation, monitor performance and safety. But if you already have ahosting, without any problems we can transfer the site, this procedure is not is not required for cooperation.

The domain and hosting registration NOT included to site developments, and extra payable! However, the procedure of site transferring from a test server is free – you get a full construction project.

The domain and hosting are registered for a minimum period of one year and should be renewed at the end of the term. Usually, we remind our customers that it is time to renew the service.

We remind you that the annual payment of the domain and hosting is not connected with the site development, the site you buy ONCE. After this, the rights to the project are fully transferred and belong to the customer.

If you do not renew the domain name or hosting on time, we save your site for another month, after which we reserve the right to delete the site completely, without saving backup.