Your questions

There are a number of questions
which many customers ask us standardly. For this reason,
to reduce time consumption, in this article we explain
the most popular of them.

What are the terms of website development?

There are approximate development times, if this is a simple project, it will be from 5 days. From 14 days if more complicated. Our web studio determines the terms of development with fixed accuracy only after receiving the terms of reference and discussing all the details with the customer.
If for some reason you need site in a short time, the development cost will increase by 50% of the project cost.

How long the promotion will take?

We haven’t fixed terms. SEO specialist calculates the time that bring the site to the top positions, guided by such data as SEO analysis, competitiveness of the topic, target audience, promotion regions and many other factors. You will need to contact us for order SEO promotion, that a specialist can estimate the amount of work and indicate the exact cost.

Can I myself change the information on the site?

Yes, fully, the customer will be able to independently use his site without being tied to us. After the completion of the project, we train you to manage the site.

What do you need for developing?

The customer must provide all the necessary information for fill his site. Materials should be provided in each sections that will contain the site.

If you haven’t materials, we can provide our copywriter and designer, but it is extra payeble, and not include to the developing package. It is necessarily consider in the technical specifications and added to the total cost of a fixed price for a complete full construction project.

How does technical support work?

Technical support is paid option. We support any sites, but the cost is calculated individually and depending on workload and complexity of work. However, each customer receives free technical support from 2 weeks to a month after complited project.

How pay for development?

Payment to our bank accounts. We need prepayment for guarantee before development, rest summ after complited your project.

How pay for SEO and advertisment?

You will pay for our bank accounts. Payments for the service of advertising and promotion, need paid in the amount of 100% in advance for the next month. After the end of the month, you will receive reports on the funds spent and the results of work.

Do we keep in touch with customers?

Yes, fully. 90% of our customers continue to work with us in the future.
Any consultation on our profile is free and you can always ask a number of questions by phone absolutely free.

Site guarantee?

We do not give guarantees on the site for the reason that this is not necessary. Errors on the site through the fault of the hoster or programmer are eliminated free. Errors due to the fault of the client or his content manager, we eliminate on a paid basis.

Do you provide hosting?

Yes, like many other studios, we also have our own hosting, which we offer you. This is extra service and is not included in the development or promotion. Hosting must be paid regularly (once a year), and we will definitely remind you to pay, that you haven’t problems with site.

Can we completion the site?

Yes. However, this service is also considered individually, as it depends on the complexity of the revision. We reserve the right not to take on someone else’s project due to workload.

In some cases, the most constructive solution will be to create a new site, rather than fixing numerous errors, which we always tell customers before starting work.

What is technical support include?

Technical support is the complete maintenance of the site, from updating the technical part to editing information. This is completely all the necessary work for the customer.