Who needs it and how it happens

Technical support is a useful program for our customers, especially relevant for serious business projects. Sometimes it happens that own forces are not enough, due to congestion or due to other facts. Exactly for such projects we organize site managment and supporting. We are in global support for the site, freeing the client from working with the site at all.

The cost of maintaining the project is negotiated with the client in advance, the management of each project – individually. Check the cost with our managers, they will tell you the all necessary information on your project. Payment for technical support is taken monthly at the beginning of the month for the previous month.

Site managment and technical support is provided for all of our projects which developed by the Compaz web studio, however we reserve the right not to take in support a site made by other specialists.

Technical part | Updating, maintaining modules and plugins up to date. Site engine update.

Site protection | Reinforced site protection from spam, hacking and malware.

Content part | Filling the site with relevant information, editing materials, contacts and much more.

Graphics | Graphic support – drawing actual banners, changing the design and details.