Logo – as the beginning of corporate identity!

Logo design is an integral part of the site design, as well as corporate identity for any company. A logo is a detail that immediately catches your eye, is recognized on posters and remembered by customers. And although the development of a logo is just the top of an identity, it is with it that everything begins.

If you are going to create a site, but you still do not have a logo, we strongly recommend start develop it.

This will be the first step towards creating a unique design for the entire company, helping to make the site seamless and recognizable.

Promotion and advertising
Контекстная реклама
Маркетинг в соцсетях (SMM)
Разработка сайтов
Landing page
Сайт визитка
Сайт компании
Интернет магазин

We offer 3 logo development options:

Basic package

The basic package includes 1 logo option.

From 20$, 3-7 days

Business package

The business package includes 3 logo options.

From 30$, 3-7 days

Professional package

The Pro package includes 5 logo options.

From 50$, 3-10 days


The cost of developing a logo depends on the complexity of the drawing itself; When ordering a website, the cost of developing a logo is much lower;

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Logo – as advertising way
Do you need a logo? Let’s discuss!

For an integrated approach to website development, the logo is an integral part of it. Be exclusive, fashionable and memorable.

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